I interviewed for a summer camp last week and it went well. It seems like a fun, exhausting, and totally rewarding place to work for a few weeks. I’ll write more about it once I hear back with an official job offer.

I have been buying clothes to wear for the summer because most of my clothes no longer fit. I’ve bought for a few dress, shirts, and new jeans. I make it a point to buy everything on clearance lol because I’m still cheap.

Despite this frugality of mine, I have been buying little knick-knacks here and there… like false eyelashes. I’m not sure if I will ever wear them out in public though lmao. This reminds me: I bought a dress with a plunging neckline because my mom insisted I try to dress more “adult”. I think for me, the eyelashes are an attempt at caring more about my appearance.

I’ve also been wanting to dye my hair, but I’m most likely going to wait until school starts again.

My SO’s UB program as started and he’s been busy for most of the week. The upcoming week will be so busy for him. Only 43 more days until we’re together again.

My brother and I are going over to my friend’s for Eid soon. I will write more when I need to 🙂


Last week went by so quickly, but it was exhausting. The kids were adorable. I got to learn how to take care of an infant, so I have that experience under my belt. The toddler was a little harder to handle, but it was still a great experience. I became pretty attached to them towards the end of the week. I made $500 nannying for the week, so I’m good in terms of pocket money for when my partner comes over in August. I’m very excited.

Bad news, I wasn’t selected for a grant that I was certain I was going to get lol. That sets me back about $2,000, so I need to continue applying for scholarships. I have a job interview this Thursday, so maybe I will have a regular job this summer before my partner comes over.



Wed, Thurs, and Friday went by quickly. My mom and her SO left on Saturday for the cruise to the Bahamas and my grandma and her husband went back to WV that day too. I missed them a lot, but graduation was great. My brother is a cool kid and I’m so proud of him. He’s been gone all weekend going off to grad party after grad party, so I haven’t seen him too much.

I have been watching season 5 of OITNB all day today… I’ve been trying to distract myself from the anxiety I feel about tomorrow because I got a nannying gig. I’ll be taking care of a 3 year old and a 9 month old from 8am-5ish and I don’t have much experience with infants other than feeding and changing my cousins’ diapers when they were babies. I’m also not really sure how to handle both children at once lol I’m sure I will learn as I go on. I’m just apprehensive about 9 hours alone with two babies. I hope everything goes well tomorrow and the rest of the week. I will have to talk to the family and see if this is a long term gig or just for the week because the ad the posted was looking for a nanny for the upcoming week. Whatever it is, it’s nice to make money. I’ll be saving all the money I make this week for when my SO comes over.




June 6th, 2017 I AM BACK!!!

Hello, I am back! I’ve been MIA because of school and laptop problems. School has been over for a few weeks now and I just got a new laptop today! I returned my old laptop to Dell after my laptop froze and they sent me a refurbished laptop that didn’t work. I had to return that one and the new refurbished one came today.

I haven’t been able to secure a summer job lol. UB hired someone else and I’m really happy for them because I worked with them last summer and they’re definitely more fitting for the lead position. It’s unfortunate, but I’m doing ok (for the most part lmao sometimes I wanna die but it’s nbd). It’s been incredibly hard trying to find a job that will hire me to work for them for 2 months. I’ve applied to over a dozen different jobs in the past month and have only heard back from one.

I struggle a lot with thinking about how if I was really desperate for money, I would just apply to Mcdonald’s or the other fast food places around here. I really prize my mental health though… My experiences working in fast food and retail has been that it is super emotionally and mentally taxing.

I am looking for photography gigs here and there. If I can find like 5 people to book for this summer (each session being $100), I’ll have money to spend with my partner in August. It’s kind of difficult finding people who wants photos taken too though lmao like c’mon people why don’t you want nice family portraits for dirt cheap????

My brother is graduating on Friday. It’s a bittersweet because I’m going to miss him so much when we go our separate ways, but I’m so proud of him. He is a smart and funny kid. Even though we get into our fair share of fights (fist fights are not uncommon), I love spending time with him. I know he’s going to be fine at college and he’s going to do great things there and afterwards too.

My grandma is visiting from WV for his graduation and she’s arriving tomorrow evening which means tonight I HAVE TO CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the whole entire house. My grandma and I have never been close. She always has something to say about my appearance or my decisions, so she’s a pretty toxic person to be around. I’m hoping Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday passes by quickly.

I’ll be back with more updates and rants/ramblings soon 🙂


I need to work on my Vietnamese in order to test out of the language requirement and graduate, so here is my plan for the next year to year and a half:

  • Watch tons of Vietnamese movies and dramas to listen to language
  • Work on reading and writing quizzes on Vietnamesepod101
  • Find a penpal from Vietnam to work on writing and reading

Vietnamesepod101 has a feature where you can listen to the language, but the speakers have a northern accent and dialect. I hope I can find more movies and dramas where the actors and actresses speak with a southern dialect.


Update on Augsburg

I registered for classes for Fall 2017 yesterday. My SO and I went over my graduation plan and I will be cutting it pretty close with the credit requirements. I am really, really, really going to busy next semester. Here is a screenshot of my schedule.

fall 2017 schedule

MWF I will have class at 8am-9:10am and then 1:50pm-3:00pm. I plan on getting an on campus job and will be working MWF between those hours. I then have choir from 4:30pm-6:00pm. TTH I have class 9:40am-11:20am and 12:00pm-1:40pm. I have seminar from 6:00pm-9:30pm Thursday nights and for one of my scholarships I need to tutor, so I will be doing that after my Tuesday classes.

There are so many things I need to do for next year and my senior year if I want to graduate on time :/ It’s really stressful lmao. My SO makes it a little easier though and I’m so grateful for them.

I’ve been assigned housing on campus!!! I’m excited to be living on campus again, but I’m not looking forward to having a roommate lol. My first year roommate was the best match and I don’t think I’ll ever have someone like them ever again. I was assigned to a floor house, which I still don’t know what that is exactly??? On the website, it says there will be 15 people living in each floor house, so I’m assuming it will be like a normal dorm. Idk. I’m excited though. I’m pretty committed to Augsburg now, but Macalester’s will get back to me by May 15th about their decision. I am hopeful, but I know that I’m too far in with Augsburg to back out now. Also, there’s a $500 fine to pay if I break the housing contract with Augsburg and bruh I do not have that kinda money laying around.

Tbh I’m excited to have a packed schedule again, but I am worried cuz this entire academic school year has been really laid back. What if I’m biting off more than I can chew? I have a terrible habit of doing that. Another stressor is that I don’t have much leeway in terms of dropping classes and taking electives for my own enjoyment because I only have 4 semesters left to finish every requirement I need in order to graduate. My SO helped me out with planning my outline and I’m relying on AP credits to get me to that 128 credit requirement. I don’t have room for mistakes :/

But yes, that is my update with Augsburg. The semester is like 3 weeks away from ending and I still have no job prospects lmao. I will email UB at the end of this week because I heard back from this around this time last year. I will also continue applying for summer jobs and scholarships. I really want to get back into making Youtube videos after all the stress and business dies down.


eye run into some issues

I got through last week okay. I had a bio exam on Friday that stressed me out to the max lol but I took it and survived. This week should be okay as well. I have work tomorrow and Thursday. I get pretty bad anxiety thinking about work, but once I’m there, it’s not too bad. I have quite a few things I need to get done by Friday night and Sunday night, but I’ll be okay for that too. I think it’s amazing how every time something difficult comes up, we don’t think we’ll make it through it. We usually do though.

Something else that’s been chipping away at me is trying to order contact lens lmao. I ordered through America’s Best before with a prescription from a local optometrist, but I went to get a prescription for eyeglasses last year that they won’t accept now. Lemme try to explain this situation lol. I ordered contact lens from America’s Best with my new prescription because the strength of my prescription had changed from the first prescription. The first prescription is from an optometrist office I don’t go to anymore though and I’m pretty sure it says Eyeglasses RX on that prescription too, but America’s Best accepted it before???? I have no idea. I just gave them my former optometrist’s information so they can call him. I guess it doesn’t really matter if my contacts are .25 off… They took the money from my bank account already too.

My mom bought family season passes to the amusement park and I’m excited, but thinking about the summer makes me feel crappy now because I don’t have any job prospects lined up. My SO is coming over and I don’t have any $$$ to spend during his visits. I have to keep searching just in case UB doesn’t work out.