eye run into some issues

I got through last week okay. I had a bio exam on Friday that stressed me out to the max lol but I took it and survived. This week should be okay as well. I have work tomorrow and Thursday. I get pretty bad anxiety thinking about work, but once I’m there, it’s not too bad. I have quite a few things I need to get done by Friday night and Sunday night, but I’ll be okay for that too. I think it’s amazing how every time something difficult comes up, we don’t think we’ll make it through it. We usually do though.

Something else that’s been chipping away at me is trying to order contact lens lmao. I ordered through America’s Best before with a prescription from a local optometrist, but I went to get a prescription for eyeglasses last year that they won’t accept now. Lemme try to explain this situation lol. I ordered contact lens from America’s Best with my new prescription because the strength of my prescription had changed from the first prescription. The first prescription is from an optometrist office I don’t go to anymore though and I’m pretty sure it says Eyeglasses RX on that prescription too, but America’s Best accepted it before???? I have no idea. I just gave them my former optometrist’s information so they can call him. I guess it doesn’t really matter if my contacts are .25 off… They took the money from my bank account already too.

My mom bought family season passes to the amusement park and I’m excited, but thinking about the summer makes me feel crappy now because I don’t have any job prospects lined up. My SO is coming over and I don’t have any $$$ to spend during his visits. I have to keep searching just in case UB doesn’t work out.



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