Anxiety and Anticipation

The hiring supervisor at UB sent an email out saying that anyone could apply for the Lead counselor position, which is great. It is a lot more work than the regular positions though. I still applied and I’m really hopeful.

My brother got into Macalester and St. Olaf. I’m so happy for him. It’s likely he’ll be going to Mac in the fall. It makes me really excited and nervous to hear back from Mac. I have Augsburg as a backup and I’m relieved. However, the more I dwell on it, the more unhappy I am about Augsburg. I’m sure that I’ll fit right in there though. I need to give things time.

I’ve been feeling sporadic bursts of anxiety again these past couple of weeks. It’s like I go out and everyone I see I feel like they have a personal problem with me. My chest seized up in bed a couple nights ago and I was having like an existential crisis lol. I think that if I continue doing my best and trying my hardest, things will have to fall into place.



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